Ferry sinks, 9 killed and 287 Still Missing

Nine people were killed and 287 others were missing after a passenger ship carrying 475 people , mostly high school students , upside down on the coast of South Korea, Wednesday ( 16/4 ) , local media said .

A total of nine people - a crew member , five high school students , two teachers and a passenger - was confirmed dead at around 11:00 am local time on Thursday .

A total of 179 people were rescued and 287 still missing , according to disaster relief headquarters in the center of South Korea .

Passengers on a sinking ship includes 325 students and 15 teachers sekotar medium which was a field trip for four days . The ship departed from the port city of South Korea , Incheon , Tuesday night ( 15/4 ) , to the resort of Jeju Island in the southern part of the country.

Among the passengers were rescued , 78 are students of Secondary School Danwon in Ansan , a suburb of Seoul - South Korean Capital . Nearly 70 percent of people on the ship are from the high school .

The five divers launched a rescue mission on Wednesday night to reach the sunken ship ‘s hull to search for missing people , Xinhua reported .

However, strong currents and poor visibility in a sea hinder the rescue operation , said Byun Kang - kyu , Minister of Public Administration and Security , which mengkooordinasikan relief efforts .

A total of 555 Navy divers and coast guard are working on site , and 29 aircraft and 169 helicopters and rescue boats have been sent to join in the search operation .

Kang said some 101 people were sent to a nearby hospital for treatment - five of them critically injured .

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The death toll was expected to rise because more than 250 passengers have not been found nearly a day after the ship weighs 6,825 tons of it , ” Sewol ” , overturned and sank in Jindo Island , near the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula , around 11:30 local time on Wednesday .


Ban urges Abbas-Netanyahu Back to Bargaining Table

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has spoken separately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to encourage them to keep the faltering peace process to happen.

Ban spoke to the two men separately by telephone on Sunday, amid fears that the US-backed peace talks that the United States will be halted.

” The UN chief strongly encourage both parties to continue constructive negotiations, “said spokesman Stephane Dujarric on Monday.

” He also expressed hope that the two leaders take advantage of the opportunities offered by U.S. efforts to find a way to move toward a two-state solution, “added Dujarric.

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Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are scheduled to meet again on Wednesday with U.S. envoy Martin Indyk.


He’s Fatal Weakness in the Sony Xperia Z2!

One of the ” requirements ” common phone is ringing capabilities that will sound loudly when there is an incoming call . But what would happen , if a mobile phone with a powerful specification has a very weak tone dialing ? Well, this is what happens on the Sony Xperia Z2 !

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Reporting from XperiaBlog , Sony’s getting a lot of complaints from users Xperia Z2 . One of the most common complaints they hear from the early adopters of the Xperia Z2 is that the incoming call ring tone volume is very low . Even barely audible , if the user is outside the room . One way around this is to activate the vibrate mode simultaneously , which would cut the battery power .

Indeed, from the Sony Mobile has not confirmed or any information related to user complaints related xperia Z2 speaker and ringing tone . However , there is a simple reason for this , that maybe Sony just turn the speakers down to incoming ring tones , and do not turn the speakers up. Unlike when making a call or conversation , in which both the speaker is activated .

However, when viewed from the user’s complaints, ringtones cases also occur in the conversation by using the speakers as well . So that the other person is often not clearly hear the words of the Xperia users Z2 , whereas the operator network signal shows full bars .

Xperia users expect Z2 , Sony to soon hold a firmware update to fix the problem is the speaker and ring tones .


Penguin Puffins Atlantic perenang yang sangat baik

Puffins Atlantic memiliki penguin seperti pewarna tetapi mereka olahraga paruh warna-warni yang telah menyebabkan beberapa untuk menjuluki mereka “burung beo laut.” Paruh memudar menjadi abu-abu menjemukan selama musim dingin dan mekar dengan warna lagi di musim semi-menunjukkan bahwa itu mungkin menarik bagi calon pasangan.

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Burung ini hidup sebagian besar hidup mereka di laut, beristirahat di gelombang ketika tidak berenang. Mereka adalah perenang yang sangat baik yang menggunakan sayap mereka stroke bawah air dengan gerakan terbang. Mereka mengarahkan dengan kaki berselaput rudderlike dan bisa menyelam hingga kedalaman 200 kaki (61 meter), meskipun mereka biasanya tinggal di bawah air selama hanya 20 atau 30 detik. Puffins biasanya berburu ikan kecil seperti ikan atau belut pasir.

Di udara, puffins adalah selebaran mengejutkan armada. Dengan mengepakkan sayap mereka hingga 400 kali per menit mereka dapat mencapai kecepatan 55 mil (88 kilometer) per jam.

Puffins Atlantik tanah di Atlantik Utara seacoasts dan pulau-pulau untuk membentuk koloni setiap musim semi dan musim panas. Islandia adalah pemuliaan rumah mungkin 60 persen dari dunia Atlantik puffins. Burung-burung sering pilih terjal, berbatu tebing puncak untuk membangun sarang mereka, yang mereka berbaris dengan bulu atau rumput. Betina meletakkan telur tunggal, dan kedua orang tua bergiliran mengerami itu. Ketika menetas cewek, orangtuanya bergiliran makan itu dengan membawa ikan-ikan kecil kembali ke sarang di tagihan mereka relatif luas. Pasangan Puffin sering bersatu kembali di lokasi liang yang sama setiap tahun. Tidak jelas bagaimana burung ini menavigasi kembali ke tempat asal mereka. Mereka mungkin menggunakan titik referensi visual, bau, suara, bumi medan magnet atau bahkan mungkin bintang-bintang.


Regarding the Latest Leaked iPhone 6

In line with previous rumors , an analyst at KGI Securities , Ming Chi Kuo , said that would be related to the iPhone 6 comes with two versions of screen size .

In more detail , Kuo , as quoted PULSAonline via MacRumors , convinced that the iPhone models will come with a 4.7-inch Retina display screen resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels with 326ppi density . While the 5.5 -inch model will have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 401 ppi density . Both models will be said to have the same aspect ratio as the iPhone 5 .

iPhone 6 will also say orchestrated by the new A8 processor , 1GB of RAM , NFC chip , 8 megapixel camera , and will have a Touch ID with narrower bezels around 10 to 20 % . iPhone 6 will be thinner than its predecessor with an estimated thickness only 6.5 to 7.0 mm ( the iPhone 5 has a thickness of 7.6 mm ) .

Still from Kuo statement , with a thin bezel on the iPhone 6 sailed 4.7 inches , allowing users to operate this smartphone with one hand with a better visual experience because the screen is bigger . It is estimated that this could iPhone models shipped close to 60 million units by the end of this year .

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As for the 5.5 -inch model is not expected to be operated with one hand . The presence of 5.5 -inch iPhone 6 sail called Kuo will erode sales of iPad mini as well as a smaller tablet and phablet competitor .

Because of the limited supply , only for the iPhone 6 64GB 5.5 -inch version will likely only have the Sapir -coated screen . Even so , in the future Apple will begin to integrate sensors called Touch ID on the screen and will mememerlukan sapphire glass for accuracy .


Jokowi: Will vice presidential candidate PDIP Already pursed 5 Name

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , Joko Widodo claimed to have five candidates to be the vice presidential candidates . On Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) night , he met the Chairman of the PDI - P of Megawati Sukarnoputri ‘s discuss the candidates at a private residence in Kebagusan Megawati , South Jakarta .

" The criteria has been completed , but I can say the name of baseball . Been pursed to five people , " said Jokowi as found in front of his official residence at Jalan Taman Soerapatti 7 Menteng , Central Jakarta , before heading off to Kebagusan .

Jokowi also ensure the candidate names fifth vice presidential candidates will be carried PDI - P is going to be announced next week . ” There’s ( name ) who has frequently circulated , there is not . Anybody party , there is not , there are over the age of ( I ) , there is at the bottom ( my age ) . Some economists , the military , politicians . Nantilah . Patient , ” Jokowi said when asked about the candidates .

Based on provisional estimates of votes based on a quick count , 27 percent of the vote targets are set PDI - P will not be achieved . Compass held fast count , for example , get a PDI - P ranges from 19.52 percent of the vote as the party’s standings .

Compass get a quick count of votes second estimate Golkar occupied with 15.22 percent of the vote . Then , the third rank is occupied Gerindra with 11.58 percent of the vote .

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Referring to estimates based on the vote count this fast , none of the parties who qualify at least 25 percent of valid votes to be able to carry a pair of candidates for president and vice president . However , PDI - P specifically there are still opportunities meet the minimum requirements of the couple’s nomination of conversion of votes into seats .


Menu option shares Mandiri Securities

After the holidays legislative elections ( pileg ) , it is worth re- examine a number of stocks with good fundamentals for trading today .

Moreover , the implementation of which lasted 9 pileg took place last April conducive , which means it will be a positive impact on the rate of the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) .

JCI will move in the range of support 4907 and resistance 4934 . Following the recommendations of the Mandiri Securities :

Lipo Karawaci Tbk PT ( LPKR ) is expected to move in a range Rp1.295 - 1140 . Recommended action is to buy ( buy ) .

Main Transindo Tbk PT Express ( TAXI ) is expected to move in a range Rp1.550 - 1380 . Recommended action is to buy in weakening or buy on weakness ( BoW ) .

PT Sentul City Tbk ( BKSL ) is expected to move in the range of Rp201 - 180 . Recommended action is to buy ( buy ) .

PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk ( AALI ) is expected to move in a range Rp27.600 - 25000 . Recommended action is to buy ( buy ) .

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PT Astra International Tbk ( ASII ) is expected to move in a range Rp8.300 - 7650 . Recommended action is to buy ( buy ) .


New View Windows Store for Windows 8.1

CALIFORNIA - Microsoft will launch Windows 8.1 update next few days . Among some improvement or change , Microsoft displays new design in Windows Store .

With the new look of Windows Store , users can get easily download and purchase applications . Reported by Neowin , Sunday ( 06/04/2014 ) , demonstration or display a preview of the latest Windows Store has been introduced at the BUILD developer conference 2014.

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The new look is even immortalized in a video on Channel 9 website . In the video, it is shown how the Windows Store is now set by default on the desktop taskbar . This display will be felt users who do an update on the OS.

When users log in to the Windows app store , users will see a menu which can be operated easily by mouse . Users can also find sub ​​- categories and so on .

This new display will allow users to more quickly search for the desired application users . The user can taste the Windows 8.1 update is on 8 April 2014 .

source: http://techno.okezone.com/

Tablets Can Help ‘Therapy’ Difficult Child Reading

Children are never taught to read despite repeatedly does not mean less clever . It could be that he suffered from dyslexia . Sufferers usually difficult to read words or letters that spell even exist in a post .

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However, a recent study found that people with dyslexia can be helped to learn to read by using a tablet or smart phone . Because the study say they are easier to learn to read the text contained in the gadget than plain paper .

As quoted from CNN , Saturday ( 03/29/2014 ) , this has been proven by researchers observed 103 students of Landmark High School , Massachusetts that most students experience language impairments . Each of them was asked to read the text on plain paper or on the iPod Touch .

The writing on plain paper using Times New Roman font size 14 with 1-inch margins . The text read under bright light . While the existing literature on the iPod using the same letters , but the larger size , which is 42 . Screen background is black with white letters .

Researchers observed participants is speed reading . To be accurate , the researcher uses tools stop watch to calculate the speed . Then the researchers tested the extent to which participants’ understanding of the reading given by providing multiple choice questions and answers .

As a result, most of the participants were able to read faster and remember more information when using the iPod . Researchers speculate that this is because the text is in the iPod using a larger font size so that the words contained in each time looks a little , or 3-4 sentences for each word .

Why so ? Researchers explained that dyslexics can more easily read the text on the gadget because VA Span Scores are low . This means that they are less able to control their eyes when looking at the words in long sentences or only pay attention to the words that appear fewer in one sentence , so that the text is not so long in the gadget makes it easier to read .

In contrast to the ordinary reader , they can control their eyes and read the text in the text printed on paper . After all, publishers usually make a book that contains as many words in a sentence because it is more efficient , whereas dyslexics can not read such posts .

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Nevertheless , the same study also found that not all dyslexics experienced the same thing . Indeed, many patients are helped with dyslexia tablets or other gadgets , but some are not affected at all . Eg for VA Span Score is high , they are still able to read the writing on the paper .

Source:http:// detik. com/

Tanpa ekologi tidak ada ekonomi

Fauna & Flora International Helen nyul dan David Wright mengeksplorasi kebutuhan untuk nilai alam mengikuti Forum Dunia perdana pada Capital Natural

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" Kami menggunakan alam karena itu berharga , kita menyalahgunakan alam karena gratis . "

Kata-kata terakhir dari Barry Gardiner , UK Anggota Parlemen dan Menteri Bayangan untuk Lingkungan Alam & Perikanan , merangkum salah satu alasan utama untuk rusaknya ekosistem dan keanekaragaman hayati di seluruh dunia : bahwa nilai dipungkiri alam tidak terlihat dalam keputusan ekonomi .

Meskipun nilai yang sangat besar bahwa hutan , mangrove , lahan gambut dan ratusan ekosistem lainnya terus bagi umat manusia , nilai mereka tidak hadir dari indikator ekonomi nasional dan keputusan kebijakan yang paling perusahaan dan pemerintah .

Konsep modal alam - saham sumber daya fisik dan biologis dan kapasitas ekosistem untuk menyediakan aliran jasa yang berkontribusi terhadap kesejahteraan manusia dan pembangunan berkelanjutan - berusaha untuk mengubah ini , dengan menempatkan nilai moneter pada alam yang memiliki arti konkret untuk pengambil keputusan .

Ekosistem lahan basah menyediakan berbagai layanan yang kesehatan manusia dan kesejahteraan ekonomi tergantung . Credit : Juan Pablo Moreiras / FFI .

Dirancang untuk membangun hasil dari Konferensi PBB tentang Pembangunan Berkelanjutan ( Rio +20 alias ) , November perdana yang didukung PBB World Forum on Capital Natural dibawa bersama hampir 500 orang dari 35 negara di Edinburgh untuk membahas mengapa dan bagaimana pemerintah dan perusahaan dapat nilai alam.

Acara ini meluncurkan Forum Skotlandia pada Natural Capital , sebuah inisiatif terobosan yang akan membuat Skotlandia negara pertama di dunia untuk menghitung nilai moneter dari air , tanah , udara dan manfaat yang mereka berikan kepada masyarakat - dan biaya depleting mereka .

The Scottish Forum menyatukan organisasi publik , swasta dan masyarakat sipil untuk melindungi dan membangun kembali modal alam , dengan fokus pada bagaimana perusahaan dan pembuat kebijakan dapat membuat keputusan tentang dampak lingkungan mereka , menilai manfaat modal alam Skotlandia menyediakan dan bekerja untuk melindunginya .

Hanya berapa banyak adalah sifat layak ?

" Nilai mangrove adalah £ 1.000 per hektar , " kata Jonathan Hughes , Direktur Konservasi di Skotlandia Wildlife Trust . " Tapi jika Anda faktor perlindungan badai , ikan fakta menggunakannya untuk berkembang biak dan pengaturan iklim mereka - mangrove yang bernilai sekitar £ 21,000 per hektar kepada masyarakat setempat . "

Mangrove bertindak sebagai buffer antara darat dan laut , melindungi garis pantai terhadap kerusakan badai dan erosi . Mereka juga menyediakan pemuliaan dan pembibitan alasan bagi banyak ikan komersial , udang dan kepiting spesies . Credit : Evan Bowen-Jones/FFI .

Modal alam Skotlandia bernilai sekitar £ 21,5 untuk £ 23000000000 per tahun bagi perekonomian Skotlandia , yang mendukung sektor vital seperti pariwisata dan makanan dan minuman . Meskipun pemahaman kita tentang pertumbuhan ekonomi didasarkan pada ketersediaan modal alam , ada jumlah terbatas modal dalam aset alam .

Pertumbuhan ekonomi perlu disesuaikan untuk degradasi aset modal alam dan GDP bukanlah penilaian yang adil dari negara kekayaan suatu bangsa karena fundamental merindukan tanda ketika datang ke aset lingkungan . Bahkan , degradasi modal alam artifisial mengembang PDB , lapangan kerja yang dihasilkan oleh upaya-upaya perbaikan yang terkait dengan dampak lingkungan .

Jika kita ingin agar aset alam yang berkelanjutan , pemeliharaan mereka harus dibayar .

Yang modal alam itu sih?

Puma adalah perusahaan multinasional pertama yang menghasilkan keuntungan dan kerugian protokol lingkungan untuk memperhitungkan modal alam melalui rantai pasokan mereka dan beberapa perusahaan pengelolaan air . SABMiller telah mengurangi dampak bisnis un - costed mereka ( penggunaan air dan emisi gas rumah kaca ) dengan $ 300,000 per tahun dan meningkatkan pendapatan usahatani dengan memberikan saran kepada 6000 petani barley skala kecil di Rajasthan , India .

Meskipun ini dan banyak contoh lain dari kepemimpinan , ada ketidakpercayaan yang jelas antara pemerintah , masyarakat sipil dan bisnis ketika datang untuk menghargai alam.

Pada hari pertama konferensi , juru kampanye dari kelompok-kelompok seperti Gerakan Pembangunan Dunia berkumpul di luar tempat konferensi berpakaian sebagai salesman yang menawarkan untuk menjual Ben Nevis , puncak tertinggi di Kepulauan Inggris ’ , kepada delegasi tiba . Mereka menyatakan bahwa memberikan nilai alam sebesar upaya untuk memprivatisasi itu .

Apa yang hilang dalam dan di luar Forum adalah sebuah narasi yang jelas menjelaskan tujuan dari kerangka modal alam dan kebutuhan untuk menghargai alam , dengan cara yang pemerintah , warga dan bisnis bisa mengerti . Kita perlu lebih banyak keterlibatan dan kepemimpinan dari pemerintah untuk menetapkan kebijakan dan regulasi , serta lebih bekerja sama dengan masyarakat sipil .

Perusahaan perlu fokus pada mengapa dan bagaimana menghargai dan memperhitungkan modal alam , tidak hanya pada tingkat situs isu lingkungan dan keberlanjutan . Kita juga perlu membuka dialog tentang zona no -go - daerah di mana pembangunan dapat membahayakan ketahanan modal alam - yang diidentifikasi dengan melihat pemandangan secara keseluruhan .

Bukit pasir pantai yang penting dalam melindungi tanah dari gelombang badai . Credit : Juan Pablo Moreiras / FFI .

Menetapkan modal alam harga secara inheren kompleks : ia harus menangkap nilai proses ekosistem , seperti aliran air , nutrisi dan energi , serta berbagai layanan, dari penyerbukan untuk rekreasi , yang semuanya didukung oleh keanekaragaman hayati dan dapat memiliki ukuran setara global senilai ekonomi .

Namun , untuk memberikan sesuatu yang tak ternilai harganya bagi manusia nilai ekonomi dari nol adalah sama saja dengan menghancurkan itu . Analogi yang umum adalah bahwa jika alam adalah rekening bank , kami sedang hidup dari ibukota, daripada bunga - tidak bisa dijalankan dalam hal ekonomi dan prospek suram bagi generasi mendatang .

Mengingat biaya ekonomi dan sosial dari kerusakan alam , risiko terus turun ’ bisnis seperti biasa ’ jalan terlalu besar untuk diabaikan. Kampanye Inggris dan lingkungan Tony Juniper meringkas argumen singkat : ” Tanpa Ekologi tidak ada Economy . ” Ini di luar waktu kami mulai mengakui itu .

Pelajari lebih lanjut tentang modal alam :

Perhatikan pitch for Nature , dua menit video on mengapa bisnis harus berinvestasi di alam .

Pelajari tentang pekerjaan FFI pada menghargai modal alam dan akuntansi modal alam .

(see also: vitamin burung)

Baca The Ekonomi Ekosistem dan Keanekaragaman Hayati ( TEEB ) , gambaran yang komprehensif tentang manfaat ekonomi global keanekaragaman hayati dan ekosistem dan biaya kerugian mereka .

Jauhkan mata Anda keluar untuk mendatang Modal Alam Bisnis Hub , sebuah platform online untuk bisnis terlibat dalam modal alam .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/