Finance Minister : Euro Weakness Triggers Competition Candidates

Finance Minister : Euro Weakness Triggers Competition Candidates

Finance Minister Chatib Basri states weakening of the Rupiah against the U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) continues to occur since the competition among the candidates for president and vice president candidates ( presidential / vice president ) getting tighter .

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" Weakened tighter since the presidential election . Tighter Two candidates distance , " Chatib said when met at the Parliament House Nusantara II , Senayan , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 06/03/2014 ) .

According to him , the intense competition raises assessment of market participants that there is no dominant indicator of one of the couples that cause has not been definitely a winner in the presidential election later .

" It was then the market is responding, as an important market for sure . Tight If it is not know , " he explained .

However, Chatib recognizes the achievements of April 2014 trade deficit that reached $ 1, 96 billion come to give effect to the Euro . He himself assess the exchange rate movement is still moving in the range targeted by the government .

Chatib asserted , the performance deficit is seasonal only . ” But , yesterday was somewhat weakened by the trade deficit figures . Yet still within range . However , I see the trend ( trade ) temporary , ” he explained .

He believes exchange rate movements that occurred at this time is not affected directly in terms of fundamentals. “If it daily fluctuations in the range of approx . Fluctuating rupiah Now it is still within the range of Rp30 - 50 . Years ago it could be 300 , ” he concluded .


Supervised Corrupt Officials, Developers Change Strategy

Crackdown by the government of China against the elites and officials suspected of corruption , forcing developers play in marketing strategy product properties.

During this time , they build luxury properties are mostly bought by the elite and government officials who sit on key posts and ” wet ” . However , under the action of the hand , now will not happen again , as the strict supervision and vigorous anti - corruption campaign in the country of China .

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Franshion Properties , one of the developers with the client above , was forced to shift the targeted market segmentation . They are now building the club house eight floors with superb views , the Shanghai Huangpu river , turning the concept into a middle-class coffee outlets .

In fact , the club house is designed as a Chinese elite mingle and socialize , including a gathering place for leaders of state -owned enterprises ( SOEs ) . No kidding , the facade and interior of the club is designed spectacular curved shape in the middle of the complex office and commercial space owned Franshion Properties worth Rp 56.2 trillion !

" Last year we plan to open a clubhouse in high rise buildings , but apparently now it is becoming too sensitive . Now , we switch this club into a restaurant and coffee shop , " said Manager of Research and Development Franshion Properties , Vincent Zuo .

Likewise with Hong Kong Shui On Land owners of commercial and luxury residential complexes Shanghai Xintiandi , including adjusting the composition of tenants to fill the restaurants , bars , shops , and boutiques .

" Our restaurant is now targeting white-collar workers , especially not elite officials , " said the manager of Shanghai Xintiandi .

The decision to change the target consumer market into the middle comes amid a government crackdown on corruption and waste . The crackdown has forced several upscale developers change tactics to adapt to the new environment .

The Chinese government is known a watchful eye to the consumer or anyone government officials who buy property for Rp 74 million to Rp 93.7 million per square meter .

Obviously , the crackdown made ​​property developers feel hot . Evidently , Beijing and Shanghai showed slowing growth . There is a lot of supply but , not the maximum absorbed . Because the supply is mostly intended for the elite and foreign officials .

Beijing in the secondary market , supply grew twice as fast during the January-April 2014 to 14 622 units , while the average selling price slipped 2.4 percent . While in Shanghai , experienced a vacuum purchase , as investors and consumers prefer to invest in overseas property .


PT DI Sure N219 Will Conduct Loud Planes

PT Indonesian Aerospace ( DI ) state , N219 is designed is superior aircraft at the same time cheaper than other aircraft in its class that is believed to be able to compete and sell well in the global market .

" N219 we make to be quickly absorbed by the market . So , it should be cheap , but it excels in its class , " said Indonesian Aerospace Program Manager PT Budi Sampurno in an event held Habibie Program Alumni Association ( Iabie ) Monthly Talk Show Series 2014 in Jakarta , Saturday ( 24.05.2014 ) .

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He said the price of N219 only 5 million dollars per unit , whereas its competitors Twin Otter , Dornier - 228 , and Y12 from China valued U.S. $ 5.5 million to 7 million U.S. dollars , while many countries have mountains or islands natural conditions the short plane runway , 500 meters .

All the N219 structure , he said , using a technology that has been mastered in the first CN235 and N250 , and not using technology ” advance ” so that the small risk of failure , while the shorter development time and lower costs .

In terms of components , he said that the N219 as well use what is on the other planes in the global market , but integrated and easily adjusted so that the post-sale .

" The engine double PWC engine of Canadian company , which has been used by 75 percent of the planes in the global market . Systems avionics ( aircraft electronics systems ) advanced , branded Garbin G -1000 , and can be easily operated single pilot . Meanwhile , on the Hartzell propeller systems , " he said .

Budi said the N219 is currently still in the design stage . However , starting in July 2014 , the aircraft will enter the stage of manufacture of the four components of the unit to be used for ” static ” and ” fatigue test” as well as flight test for certification eligibility .

" So , the end of 2016 we hope N219 already obtained the certificate of eligibility and could be mass-produced in 2017 with a target production of 12 aircraft per year , " he said .

In addition, the N219 is also designed be comfortable aircraft for passengers as cabin 170 cm high compared to its competitors about 150 cm , and is able to carry loads up to 2,300 kg compared to its competitors , which is 1,800 kg , and safe , ” he said .

On that occasion , Iabie also held a teleconference with the former president , BJ Habibie , who was in Germany , and was responsible to the alumni scholarship program during the Habibie .


Sodomy offender elementary school boy in Dublin Ever Be a Victim Shemale

Kelvin, perpetrators of sexual violence to the boy Elementary School in Dublin, it had been the victims of similar sexual violence committed by transvestites at Central Market.

As reported by the Tribune Lampung, Friday (05/23/2014), Kelvin has been claimed to have sodomized two boys of primary school students in Bandar Lampung.

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He then told me, at the age of 5 years to 14 years, had been in the orphanage. When Jim age 14, she decided to run away from the orphanage. He also lived menggelendang and many live in Central Market.

Over at Central Market that, Jim claimed to be victims of sexual harassment that transgender people often hung in that place. Starting from there, Jim said, he was sexually attracted to young children.


Pristono: No Corruption, “Nawaitu” We Good

Udar Pristono has been named as a suspect case of alleged corruption and procurement TransJakarta Busway bus integrated city bus ( BKTB ) . However , the former head of the Jakarta Transportation Agency insisted not mark up the budget in the budget 2013.

" There is no indication at all of corruption in the procurement and TransJakarta bus being . Nawaitu ( intention ) of our good , " said Pristono in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

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He claims the entire procurement process in accordance with Regulation bus Presidential ( Presidential Decree) No. 54 of 2010 on government procurement of goods and services , as well as the Presidential Decree No. 70 Year 2012 on the second amendment of Presidential Decree No. 54 Year 2010 .

He explained that the provision of a wide range of mass transport , ranging from TransJakarta , BKTB , until APTB , a flagship program of Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo . Jokowi planned procurement of thousands of buses in the Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD ) 2013-2017 .

Team members of the Governor for Accelerated Development ( TGUPP ) was admitted for the first time instructed to procure the number up to thousands of buses . Because, in the reign of the previous governor , Jakarta Transportation Department is instructed to procure only 30-35 buses .

Already checked CPC

In 2013 the city government to procure and BKTB TransJakarta bus 656 , consisting of 346 and 310 transjakarta BKTB . The TransJakarta bus consists of 132 articulated buses and 178 single bus .

The total budget allocated for the procurement of 656 buses is Rp 1.08 trillion . In detail , 132 articulated buses valued at USD 483.9 billion ; Single bus 178 ( single ) worth Rp 330.7 billion ; and 346 BKTB worth Rp 272.2 billion .

The procurement auction is divided into 14 packets , which consists of 5 packets articulated bus auction , the auction package 5 single bus , and 4 BKTB auction package . A total of 4 packets with the number 125 bus has paid 100 percent , valued at USD 402.2 billion , and has been operational .

" Already checked CPC also . Results BPK existing examination report in 2013 , " said Pristono .

Meanwhile , the remaining 10 packets , as many as 531 buses , have not been paid , which amounted to Rp 684.6 billion . It happened due to the discovery of 14 TransJakarta and BKTB with rusty parts .

Meanwhile , he claims , 14 buses with rusty components can be repaired as it is still in a period of maintenance vendors . Pristono stated , 531 buses were in snooker Chester , South Tangerang , it was in good condition and ready to operate .

" There are still treated by the vendor as well bus , where to pay the rent of land in snooker there . If you want proof that the bus is in good condition or not , just come to pul it , all audited by independent institutions such as Sucofindo or State Testing Center , " press Pristono .


Potential weakening rupiah Back Hammered

Potential weakening of the exchange rate back shadowing, Tuesday (20/05/2014). Still a chance influx of foreign funds into the capital market investors expected curb currency weakening eagle.

From the external, the euro rose slightly after touching its lowest point since February this year. Expectations of the EU Central Bank (ECB) will do the stimulus in June, is still very pronounced. Yields on U.S. Treasury itself on the other hand rose slightly, still survives in the range of 2.5 percent.

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Research Samuel Securities Indonesia sees dollar weakness in Asian markets possibility could be halted today. As of yesterday afternoon the strengthening of Asian currencies against the U.S. dollar is still going on, led by the ringgit and the rupee.

Appreciating at the opening yesterday finally weakened after Golkar party decided to support a presidential candidate Prabowo. The weakening of the rupiah may continue today with political surprises to look out for today.


Upper Passenger Rates Will Revised

Directorate General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation to revise the rules concerning the calculation and determination of the mechanism formulation upper limit tariff economy class passenger service scheduled commercial air transport in the country .

This revision is done because there are no rules in accordance with current conditions . However , the new revision will be determined after the Eid so as not to cause turmoil .

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Head of Legal and Public Relations of the Ministry of Transportation Israfulhayat DGCA said that revision takes time because there are a number of steps that must be passed .

" We hope that the completion of this revision , but will soon be entering the forth season , perhaps it would be wise if the determination of tariff revision was done after Eid limit , " said Israfulhayat in Jakarta , Friday ( 05/16/2014 ) .

He added that it expects input from the relevant airline revisions to the Ministry of Communications Decree No. KM 26 Year 2010 was . Put it starts from the upper limit of the amount of the rate increase until the component parts of the tariff to be revised .

He added that the government’s plan to revise the rules relating to the current economic conditions for the survival of business enterprises scheduled commercial air transport in the country . This was done by considering aspects of consumer protection , particularly the security and safety of flight .

Plan revision KM 26/2010 focused on whether or not used as a reference rate in the regulations governing tariff setting mechanism or remain a separate regulation .

Meanwhile, the Chairman Arif Wibowo INACA once said , the airline currently experiencing a very severe blow due to airport infrastructure , aviation fuel prices are high , and the weakening of the rupiah .

Inadequate airport infrastructure to make the airport is very solid , both on the ground and in the air . Density on the land side airport caused the plane to be lining up for take off and landing .

For takeoff line to the grounding line of the path it takes for 20 minutes , the airline that uses small class aircraft Airbus 320 or Boeing 737 will incur a loss of up to Rp 10 million . This loss was coming from fuel consumption .

" So , if 20 minutes late , can cost up to 1,000 dollars , or USD 10 million . Stay counted only if telatnya to 1 hour . Then , count again how many losses to be borne in 1 month . Harm to billions of dollars in terms of fuel , "he said .

Fuel costs would be swell when standing in line or plane circling in the air when the officer is not allowed to land by air navigation . ” How much should we incurred losses because 50 percent of airline operating costs derived from the fuel , ” said Arif .

As a result , the longer the delay , the airline operating expenses adds . According to him , to operate small aircraft , the airline must pay up to 6,000 dollars per hour . Therefore , in 2013 , almost all airlines in Indonesia bear the actual operational losses .

Observers flight , Gerry Soejatman , say , the upper limit of rates had been raised time .

"The condition of the airline has been very heavy . The government should support the revised rates based on ability to pay , not the desire to pay , " said Gerry .

With the rate increase above the threshold , the market will react . If people feel inadequate , they do not buy . If not able , they will seek other transportation alternatives .


New Axle hope SBY Shape, Will Democrats Against MCC?

Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , the latter looks ” intimate ” with Gerindra , still open communications with the Democratic Party . Deputy Secretary General of the MCC Mahfouz Siddiq said his party believes that the Chairman of the Democratic Party Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will form a new shaft and could be governing coalition parties will now re-assembled .

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Mahfouz assess SBY calm surface currents that does not mean politics will emerge a new political wave . He considered during this frenetic coalition dominated the news about Joko Widodo , Prabowo , and occasional Bakrie .

" Many people do not mengalkukasi Democrats and the President . Should be remembered , Pak SBY was still president . He accomplished strategist and Democratic parties are still significant sound and results Pileg House seats in 2014 , " said Mahfouz , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Chairman of House of Representatives Commission I was convinced that SBY still has a strong influence on the current coalition member parties . The influence , said Mahfouz , allowing SBY bring a new wave of very strong coalition .

Is this a sign that the MCC is still hope against the possibility of a coalition with the Democratic Party ? Mahfouz just laughed . ” The secret , ” he said .

Meanwhile , Democrat Party spokesman Ruhut Sitompul said that his party is likely to form a new coalition shaft . Ruhut confident that the coalition is still very fluid and the parties are still likely to move closer to the Democratic Party . One is MCC , which has been frequently at odds with the Democratic stance .

" MCC is still liquid because Pak SBY very close to Ustaz Hilmi ( Chairman of Majlis Shura MCC Hilmi Aminuddin , ed.) And Hanura With MCC , we are still able to make a new shaft , " said Ruhut .

Information compiled , Democrat negosiatior team at MCC is Tifatul Sembiring , who is now the Minister of Communications and Information Technology . Tifatul also had stated that there were chances of his party to join the Democratic Party . He even claims to have been officially invited by the SBY ‘s party .

Not only that , Tifatul also had a signal to SBY to give the poem in his speech the name change became RTV Channel B on May 4. ” Watermelon dicicip young rabbits . Hopefully we coalesced again , ” message Tifatul .


A Ukrainian Pilot killed after helicopter Fall Shot

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine , Arsen Avakov , Friday said a pilot was killed and another wounded after pro - Russian separatists in the eastern city Slaviansk use anti - aircraft missiles against the forces of Kiev .

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On his Facebook page , Avakov said : ” Against the Ukrainian special forces , terrorists used heavy artillery , including grenade launchers and anti - aircraft missile launcher portable . One pilot died and one was injured . “

He accuses separatist groups employ paid professional soldiers . Meanwhile , the pro - Russian separatists in Slaviansk , eastern Ukraine , said Ukraine forces have launched a massive operation to retake the city . The military helicopter was shot down .

A Reuters photographer said he saw a military helicopter opened fire on the outskirts of the city and a reporter heard the shot .
Armed groups seeking union with Russia have seized a number of government buildings in cities in eastern Ukraine .

While mass consists of approximately 300 pro - Russian militants on Thursday , the prosecutor attacked the building in the city -owned east Ukraine , Donetsk . AFP journalist reported from the scene .


Ex-BIN and Former Head of BPN Examined in Case Anas

Former Head of State Intelligence Agency , Gen. (Ret. ) AM Hendropriyono , and former Head of the National Land Agency , Joyo Winoto , summoned by the Corruption Eradication Commission , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .

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They will be examined as a witness in cases of alleged money laundering suspects Hambalang project with Anas Urbaningrum .

" They checked for suspected money laundering AU , " said Head of Reporting and Information Commission Priharsa Nugraha in Jakarta .

Hendropriyono first time called as a witness by the Commission . It is not known what Hendropriyono relationship with Anas until he checked on this day .

Meanwhile , Joyo Winoto previously been examined several times by the Commission as a witness to the alleged corruption cases related to procurement of sports facilities and infrastructure in Hambalang .

Commission examined Joyo because he knew about the project Hambalang considered , especially regarding land titles Hambalang problematic .

Investigative audit results Audit Agency ( BPK ) said , BPN issued a decree granting the right to use dated January 6, 2010 to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the land area of ​​312 448 square meters in the village of Hambalang . In fact , the requirements of the letter of release from the rights holder prior allegedly false .