Ultimatum President is not immune , Ahmad Yani Airport Delayed Again

Development of Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang certainly delayed again , despite being given an ultimatum from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) on 2 April 2014 ago .
Certainty thes development of Semarang ‘s Ahmad Yani Airport , recognized General Affairs and Communication Section Head PT Angkasa Pura I airport Ahmad Yani , Anom Fitranggono .

According to him , until this moment it has not received any orders from the headquarters of PT Angkasa Pura I.

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" Such held on Wednesday ( 31/04/2014 ) course at this time we have been very busy preparing invitations , tents and so forth . Could not be done abruptly at least we need some time to prepare everything , " said Anom Fitranggono , Tuesday ( 29/4 / 2014 ) .

Nonetheless , Anom not explain in detail the development of the plan ‘s development Ahmad Yani Airport .

Earlier, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) gave a positive response with regard to the expansion and development capacity Ahmad Yani Airport , Semarang , which has been stalled for a while.

The President ordered PT Angkasa Pura in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence to resolve land issues construction Ahmad Yani Airport , Semarang was in 2 weeks ago since 2 April 2014 .

" Mr. President requested that within the next two weeks , things related to technical cooperation between Angkasa Pura with the Ministry of Defence who have land , both in the results of the completed lease land , " said Hatta Rajasa while giving a press conference after Limited Cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office of the Cabinet Secretariat launch pages , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/02/2014 ) .

According to Hatta Rajasa , the existence of a new proposal from the Ministry of Defence , the Minister of Finance through the Director General of State Assets will set the pattern for the cooperation and the results of the lease , which means that the economic value developed by Angkasa Pura is in the category of commercially viable .

Two-week deadline has been exceeded . Governor jateng Ganjar Pranowo also been requested acceleration to various parties .


One Student Killed and Six Senior Physical Violence Against Junior

Violence in education re-occur. This time a college student, School of Seamanship (STIP) to be dying, having persecuted the seniors.

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North Jakarta Police chief Sr. M Iqbal mengatakann that not only the dead, but the events that took place on Friday (25/4) also resulted in six other students were injured. “We’ve done the examination of witnesses,” said Iqbal, on Saturday (26/4).

The incident came to light after the police received a report from the victim’s family. The death toll is currently named Dimas body had taken the family to Medan North Sumatra. While six others were injured undergoing treatment in hospital.

Police have secured at least eight seniors on the campus of the victims, who were believed to be the culprit. Motive is not yet known trindak this violence.


Aqua falsified , DS Can Capture Rp400 thousand per Day

BANDUNG - Police still pursue fraud cases gallon bottle of mineral water , Aqua , performed by the DS .
Kasubid Penmas Regional Police Public Relations Jabar , AKBP Bachtiar Joko , disclose, false Aqua Aqua ‘s original DS and factory output is very difficult to distinguish .

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"It’s hard to tell them apart because the DS wear Manglayang mountain spring water that is commonly used for water refill. Maybe if often a bit much to drink Aqua brand can differentiate , "she told reporters in West Java Police Headquarters , Friday 25 April 2014 .
It adds , DS update closely. Communities will be fooled because the seals , gallons , and Kotak Laci , who used the original DS from the factory Aqua .
" In this case little benefit because when we raided DS is committing fraud. Plus we got a piece of evidence gallon Aqua is in the process of counterfeiting, "he said.
Still, he would bekerjasa forward with the company to check the water content of the falsified by DS . In addition, coordination is also done to uncover the person who had sold the original Aqua Seal and Kotak Laci .
"If the terms of the loss of our health should be further examination of expert witnesses . This apparent loss here in trademark counterfeiting , "she recalls.
Meanwhile, the DS admits playing alone without the help of family or servants. To avoid suspicion , he worked evenings.
"If the taste , I also can not discriminate , just the same . During this time there has never been a complaint from a consumer , "tuturnya .
DS admitted in one day could produce 100 gallons of fake Aqua . ” The profits from each gallon can Rp4.000 , ” lid.


Hadi Purnomo Prevented Abroad

Directorate General of Immigration Ministry of Justice and Human Rights prevents Chairman Audit Board ( BPK ) Hadi Purnomo traveling abroad . Prevention is done at the request of the Corruption Eradication Commission following the establishment of Hadi as the suspects in the corruption allegation appeal pay taxes PT Bank Central Asia .

" The Directorate of Immigration has done abroad prevention against Pak Hadi Purnomo , " said Head of Public Relations Directorate General of Immigration Heryanto when confirmed , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

According to him , Hadi prevented during the next six months as from 21 April 2014 . So far, only prevented Hadi who travel abroad . Immigration has not received a request from the Commission to prevent the other party .

" One , is Mr. Hadi , " said Heryanto .

Commission set Hadi Purnomo , as the former Director General of Tax , as a corruption suspect tax appeal letter PT Bank Central Asia Tbk in 2003. Hadi named as a suspect for allegedly abusing his authority as the Director General of Taxation after receiving all requests BCA Tbk PT tax objection over non-performing transactions loans (NPLs ) of Rp 5.7 trillion .

The case stems from taxes by filing an objection letter BCA on June 17, 2003 . Against the objection that , on March 13, 2004 , the Director General of Taxation Income Tax sending an introductory letter to the Director General of Taxation treatise objection which was held Hadi . The covering letter containing the results of research paper and research paper conclusion objections and suggestions to the Director General of Taxation Hadi as to refuse tax objection BCA .

However , on June 18, 2004 or one day before the due date to give a decision on the objection taxes BCA , Hadi ordered the Director of Income Tax as the official reviewers’ objections through the Directorate General of Taxation memos dated June 17, 2004 to change the results of research paper conclusions and suggestions taxpayer objected BCA Tbk PT .

According to the Commission , through memos , Hadi appealed to the Director of Income Tax , as the official reviewers concluded that the change be received all objections . Because memos Director General of Taxation who received the BCA tax appeal letter was published the day before the due date to give a decision on the request of the Bank , the Director of Income Tax does not have enough time and opportunity to respond to the memos .

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Memos issued by the Director General of Taxation Hadi to receive the BCA tax objection ignores the fact that the same material was also filed objections a number of other banks and decided rejected . Hadi ‘s top act , the state allegedly suffered loss of Rp 375 billion . The calculation comes from the potential tax that should be paid by the Bank .


2 the Banking Stocks are still Attractive

JAKARTA—share price Index Movements combined (JCI) is expected to be in the range of support and resistant 4.872 4.860-4,918-4.918. JCI patterned spinning above the middle bollinger band (MBB). The MACD is still moving ramps with negative histogram retracts.
The Trust Securities Research head, Reza Priyambada in his research, presented several options on stock trading today, Jakarta, Monday (22/4/2014).
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The shares of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BBRI) Rp Rp 9.925-10.150. Dragonfly doji on the MBB. RSI survive. Maintain buy for Rp 10,000. shares of PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BBNI) Rp 5,000 to Rp 5,241. Hammer sticking above the MBB. Trading buy for Rp 5,206.

The shares of PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGAS) Rp Rp 5,500.-5.325 Doji star. Debt gap 5,350 Rupiah-IDR 5.375. William ‘s% from limited rise. Trade sell if Rp 5.375 failed to survive. The shares of PT Surya Citra Media Tbk (SCMA) Rp 3,250 rupiah 3,325. Meeting lines hang above the MBB. RSI tried to ride. Buy Maintained during Rp 3.270.

Shares of PT Global Mediacom Tbk (BMTR) Rp Rp-2,145 2.345. White marubozu skip MBB. Debt gap Rp 2,150-Rp. 2.130 Trade buy during Rp 2.290. shares of PT Malindo Feedmilll Tbk (MAIN) Rp Rp-3,390 3.435. Shooting star above the MBB. RSI survive. Buy Maintained during Rp 3,390.

The shares of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk (AUTO) Rp Rp-4.010 3.930. Separating lines on top of the MBB. Buy Maintained during Rp 3,980.


Drajad: Muhaimin and Hatta Rajasa Already Have an Agreement

Communication between the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) and the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) made ​​more intense . Vice Chairman of the DPP National Mandate Party ( PAN ) Dradjad Wibowo said , communication between PAN chairman Hatta Rajasa General and Chairman of PKB Muhaimin Iskandar or Cak Imin longstanding and deep. Even the results of the communication has given rise to a political agreement .

" There is an understanding between us with CLA . Communications Cak Imin with Bang Hatta very good , there was an agreement , " said Dradjad , in a political communications , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

Even so , Drajad not willing to disclose the agreement meant. Similarly, when confirmed about the four parties which will build a new shaft with coalition Indonesia Raya .

" The deal is, I do not want to precede chairman , " he said .

In the same place , the Chairman of the Political DPP PKB Marwan Jafar also did not give an explanation of the agreement between Cak Imin with Hatta Rajasa . He just said his party today tend to want to form a coalition with the National Party.

According to Marwan , a coalition of Muslim-based parties are now difficult to be realized . Competitiveness by nationalist parties less weighty and difficult to keep up to make it happen.

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" We tend to form a coalition with the National Party. How do we want to unite the Islamic party that no one party has already started first , " he concluded .


Romi camp retaliation Cs to Suryadharma Ali

Resistance number of elite United Development Party ( PPP ) Suryadharma Ali became stronger . PPP Secretary General led Romahurmuziy ( Romi ) , a board expressed support for the presidential candidate Suryadharma Gerindra Prabowo , illegal .

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Ripple internal conflict started from the PPP voting results are not encouraging . PPP is Waketum Emron Pangkapi who began voicing the failure of PPP to achieve maximum results in Pileg . Emron Suryadharma blamed to be the cause of his acquisition of the PPP .

Suryadharma maneuver with rallies Gerindra considered so sound impeachment culprit party bearing the Kaaba . The reason , in the presence Suryadharma Gerindra officials even discourage officials and sympathizers in the area for a maximum of promoting the party’s victory .

Allegations Emron Suryadharma casual reply . But suddenly , with Wasekjen Syaifullah Suryadharma Tamliha issued a decree of dismissal Waketum Monoarfa Monoarfa and a board of DPW including repositioning of the post of Secretary General Romi memnjadi only DPP Chairman .

They are considered to violate the AD / ART because they want to do ’ treason ’ . Romi stronghold Cs can not remain silent . A few hours after the declaration Suryadharma with Prabowo , they gathered together 25 and a number of high-ranking officials such as Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin Monoarfa including Emron .

There are 9 points results recently completed board meeting at 1:35 pm this . What are the ’ retaliation ’ Suryadharma carried to camp ?


' So Primadonna 8 Inch Tablet Market '

A shift in the tablet market . Original 7 -inch tablet to be excellent market and consumer demand , now replaced with a more ideal tablet size , the 8 inch .

According to Tjandra Lianto , Director of Marketing Advan , 8 inch tablet to be excellent in the market due to the new size, it fits better and more ideal , not too small and not too big .

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To run a variety of applications and computing , 8 inch size is considered more convenient for users than the 7 -inch tablet size . Especially after the rise phablet , smartphone -sized 5-6 inch , 7 inch tablet presence is considered increasingly dim in popularity .

No wonder if this phenomenon is captured by almost all vendors to produce 8 -inch tablet , including Advan . Local vendor is seen , for the current size of 8 inch tablet becomes the ultimate choice .

" We are seeing a shift in trend in the tablet market . Now this is a tablet that consumers demand an 8-inch tablet . The measure is considered ideal and provide comfort for its users , "said Tjandra , in a written statement on Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

Advan alone had the champion in the segment 8 inch tablet , namely the T5C Vandroid . According to Tjandra , so far fairly brisk sales . From the announced target of 60-90 thousand units in the first quarter of 2014 , already approaching the targeted rate .

" Sales Vandorid translucent T5C already about 80 % . This figure breaks at the same issues that are being stagnant tablet market . Maybe for 7 inch tablet market tends to fall . But for 8 inch tablet conditions are very different , the market is still positive uptake and passionate , " he said


Ferry sinks, 9 killed and 287 Still Missing

Nine people were killed and 287 others were missing after a passenger ship carrying 475 people , mostly high school students , upside down on the coast of South Korea, Wednesday ( 16/4 ) , local media said .

A total of nine people - a crew member , five high school students , two teachers and a passenger - was confirmed dead at around 11:00 am local time on Thursday .

A total of 179 people were rescued and 287 still missing , according to disaster relief headquarters in the center of South Korea .

Passengers on a sinking ship includes 325 students and 15 teachers sekotar medium which was a field trip for four days . The ship departed from the port city of South Korea , Incheon , Tuesday night ( 15/4 ) , to the resort of Jeju Island in the southern part of the country.

Among the passengers were rescued , 78 are students of Secondary School Danwon in Ansan , a suburb of Seoul - South Korean Capital . Nearly 70 percent of people on the ship are from the high school .

The five divers launched a rescue mission on Wednesday night to reach the sunken ship ‘s hull to search for missing people , Xinhua reported .

However, strong currents and poor visibility in a sea hinder the rescue operation , said Byun Kang - kyu , Minister of Public Administration and Security , which mengkooordinasikan relief efforts .

A total of 555 Navy divers and coast guard are working on site , and 29 aircraft and 169 helicopters and rescue boats have been sent to join in the search operation .

Kang said some 101 people were sent to a nearby hospital for treatment - five of them critically injured .

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The death toll was expected to rise because more than 250 passengers have not been found nearly a day after the ship weighs 6,825 tons of it , ” Sewol ” , overturned and sank in Jindo Island , near the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula , around 11:30 local time on Wednesday .


Ban urges Abbas-Netanyahu Back to Bargaining Table

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has spoken separately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to encourage them to keep the faltering peace process to happen.

Ban spoke to the two men separately by telephone on Sunday, amid fears that the US-backed peace talks that the United States will be halted.

” The UN chief strongly encourage both parties to continue constructive negotiations, “said spokesman Stephane Dujarric on Monday.

” He also expressed hope that the two leaders take advantage of the opportunities offered by U.S. efforts to find a way to move toward a two-state solution, “added Dujarric.

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Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are scheduled to meet again on Wednesday with U.S. envoy Martin Indyk.